Brief introduction

  • 10 year

    Professional production experience

  • 150 people

    Skilled staff

  • 350000 piece

    Annual product output

  • 10 +

    Exported to Europe and the United States more than and 10 countries


Two hundred million large county Agel Ecommerce Ltd was founded in 2016, is the Mr.You brand registered company, we are producing and Internet sales and integration of a modern and professional companies, each company's products are of high quality, high innovation. We are committed to providing customers with a wide range of product choices, convenient shopping methods and perfect after-sales service, to create the best shopping experience.

Mr.You since its inception, specializing in home textile products research, development, production and sales. Committed to the global family to provide comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly, humane household products.

Mr.You strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system of production, all high-quality environmentally friendly materials imported high-quality hardware, durable and durable structure, the maximum protection of the home environment health and safety. Advanced technology and meticulous quality management, making every one of our products can really achieve world-class level.

Mr.You all products are used in original design, each product are considered ergonomic, in line with the characteristics of home habits.

Mr.You own processing and production base, all kinds of technical management and senior technicians, such as more than 150 people, for the production and supply and follow-up development provides a strong guarantee. 



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